Insightful Tips to Consider Before Undergoing a Breast Enhancement

According to latest industry statistics, breast augmentation procedures are one of the most recommended right after cosmetic surgery. Leading surgeons specialized breast enhancement share some insider tips on what is important when undergoing the surgery.

This is not a one-Time Thing

According to cosmetic industry data, roughly 25 percent of women who undergo the breast enhancement procedure will need a follow-up surgery ten years down the line. This is because the implants do not last forever. With time, the implant may start leaking or develop scar shells undermining the shape. This will present the need to have new implants fitted. Pregnancy, weight loss, and change in preferences are some factors that compel the patients to undergo the surgery again.

Costs Slightly Over $3000

This figure was arrived at by the American Society of Plastic surgeons and forms part of the 2016 average. The figure only includes the surgeon fees while excluding other vital costs such as facilities, anesthesia, bandages, drapes, etc. The price you will be charged shall depend on the patient, doctor or region. Undergoing a reduction procedure will take three to four times longer than a simple augmentation surgery. This means it will cost much more.

A Breast Augmentation or Reduction Garners Five to Seven Days off of Work

If your job is not labor intensive, you will have to rest for a week before going back into the office. Unfortunately, most women prefer the implant to place behind the muscle and not just under the skin surface. This gives your breast a more natural look and reduces the chances of a scar shell developing. This procedure is more difficult and will require more healing time.

Feels Different When Touched Than the Real Breasts

Silicone breasts resemble the real breasts when touched. Unfortunately, they are not comprised of human tissue – they are manmade. It gets much harder to detect women with small implants placed slightly below the muscles.

You can try out Several Boob Sizes Before Picking one

There is special attire known as sizes that comprise of a beaded neoprene sack. This is used when stuffing the bra to give a rough idea of the size you expect.

Breast Reduction and Augmentation

Women with implants prefer not to breastfeed. If you had an areola incision there is a big chance you might damage your minor ducts that disconnect the areola complex with the glands main section. Women with incisions on their underarms or on the crease of their breasts will not have this problem.

Nipples Might Lose Their Feeling

Most breast surgeries result in lost feelings in the nipple. This will depend on several factors including the type of surgery conducted and the shape of your breasts. Losing sensation on your nipples does not mean you will not be responsive to stimulation and cold.

check with your doc

Avoid Breast Augmentation if you have a History of Breast Cancer in Your Family

This procedure is risky, considering several studies point it out that silicone implants are potential cancer triggers. If any of your family members have a history of medical complications arising from cancer, avoid it altogether.