Blood Sugar

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise in the United States as well as other places in the world. The rise in blood sugar levels is brought about mainly by unhealthy lifestyles. Therefore, to control the diagnosis, patients should make a change in their way of life. Basic principles like eating right and exercising can be useful in controlling diabetes. Here are some of the tips that patients can use in order to live with the disease;

Less Consumption Of Sugar And Refined Carbohydrates

The most efficient way of keeping sugar levels low is by taking foods and drinks that have a moderate amount of sugar. The less sugar that individuals consume, the smaller the metabolic response. Therefore, the pancreas and insulin levels will be healthy. Intake of processed foods and drinks that have high sugar levels when cut has a positive impact on the blood sugar level.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising moderately after meals may have immediate benefits to the patients. However, intense exercises like jogging, cycling or swimming will have long term benefits that may lead to a reversal of the disease. Regular exercises improve the way the body metabolizes sugar, and that enhances the health of individuals.

Consume Green Tea

Green tea has been found to increase the body metabolism which facilitates weight loss. Both are in important in regulating blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes. People who drink up to four cups in a day have a lower chance of getting diabetes or any cardiovascular diseases as opposed to those who take just a cup.

Consume Cinnamon

Adding cinnamon to food or taking it as a supplement has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels. Moreover, those who do not have diabetes can lower their chances of getting it by taking cinnamon. Some patients skip their medication to take cinnamon, and it has worked for them. This should however not encourage patients to stop taking their medication if their diabetes is advanced.

Eat Smaller Meals

When people eat too much, the body has trouble breaking down and absorbing the nutrients. It becomes even worse when carbs are involved. Refined sugars are absorbed almost immediately, and a significant amount will stress the response of the pancreas and insulin. When the sugar is too much, and it has nowhere to go, it will start damaging the waistline and other organs. Therefore, small portions of food will limit the response to the insulin and regulate blood sugar.